How can you make money from the internet? A review of

How can you make money from the internet?

In this guide and review, we discuss the quest of many users like you, trying to make money online. The stress, the hurdles and finally the right platform to earn from while being assured that your earnings will always be disbursed. Now it’s not just about earnings but good and quality earnings.

Making and earning money online is a very relevant field, we are all very much used to it and contents related to it on the internet. However we have usually found out that in most cases, making money from the internet is hard -well only seemingly. The norm is that as a blogger, you can make money from advertisements placed on your contents or as a seller, you can drive massive sales online. While the foregoing is very much true, reality has always been a different thing, creating contents is hard and finding customers/clients without advertisement on the internet can be quiet frustrating.

Seeing this loophole, entrepreneurs quickly devised a supposed solution to pay users for their contributions on their platforms. This went on so well except that the system could not be maintained. Indeed, while these entrepreneurs were committed to their words, a new problem quickly presented itself. How do you pay massive amounts to large users if you don’t make enough back from the advertisements on your contents? It is simple. Lower the rates paid out to website users. Seeing this, it should be obvious that such business plan/model is a downward spiral. As you lower the remuneration rates, users are frustrated and they dump the platform entirely. It is a very simple formula if you no longer offer us the bait that we come to your website for, then we might as well look elsewhere. Indeed the first mistake entrepreneurs in such business model made is not offering real value to clients.

But it pays the entrepreneur! This is because contents don’t die. No…they continue to live on the internet forever unless maybe the content owner brings it down. When you submit a content, it belongs to the platform. Even though you leave, your content might continue to generate traffic for the platform for a very very long time to come. We all know that traffic is the currency of the internet. This brings us back to the first square, to the very essential question we asked from the start, How to make money from the internet? Really how? While bloggers continue to struggle, you need very little or no tech expertise to make real money online. You mostly, only need to follow exceptional patterns and success stories. Or better put, you just need to find a perfect platform to earn from.

In the past, many people found solace in platforms like Opera Newshub. Of a truth it went on fine for a long time but with continued influx of writers and content creators, many stringent rules were employed, writers started receiving very little views and now, competition is so tough that you can hardly make anything from it as an average content creator.

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This is why we sought to find a very meaningful platform that offers true values and real earnings.

You will still be required to create contents all the same but your contents can be quiet dynamic. So let us quickly introduce to you.

Why is JossyMall different?

As a review, we can say that the platform could be your last stop when it comes to making money online. With a $40 sign-up bonus, you could get the feeling of ‘can this be real?’ yes absolutely it is! The management board behind the platform have done things differently and efficiently solved the problems aforementioned. They offer cloud based marketing software to their premium users who have purchased one of their virtual resources on marketing. The funds they make from these sales are quiet massive (Thanks to their Facebook marketing secrets) that they could afford to pay you $40 even without submitting contents yet!

Tell you more huh? With JossyMall, contents doesn’t have to be a thousand words post, your videos, your comments, your questions and answers, etc are all contents you are continuously rewarded for. So if they make so much money, why would they still need your contents? Contents drive traffic, traffic is money and for a platform selling stuffs online, they are continuously aiming at being and remaining the Internet’s hotspot of attraction. While this is normally hard to achieve, your contents continues to take them there gradually. The platforms affords you the possibility to join a tech or marketing course, acquiring real world values and skills. There is a reason why they continue to treat you special, there is a clause in their privacy policy. It ensures that if and when you decide to leave the platform, you can have them take down all your contents! While this would be a major drawback to them, this policy is maintained to ensure that users’ privacy and rights are greatly respected.

There is more! You will continue to earn an annual $20 bonus as long as you remain active on the platform. When users reach forty (40) posts, they are qualified to withdraw their earnings (minimum payout is $100). When users reach fifty (50) posts, their contents are checked against a specially laid out format (proprietory). Users with contents marked as up to ninety-five percent (95%) quality will be invited to a special program known as the ‘content creation program’ (CCP) where such users will start earning $10 for each contents then post on the platform and a fixed monthly pay of $2,000 (two thousand dollars!) This necessitate the need to think-out and submit quality contents from the very start.

It is very much worthy to note that unlike most other platforms, JOSSYMALL CONTENTS has be structured to fill-out loop holes usually found with earning websites. Content is key, while you still have to submit the contents, you no longer have to do the referrals. JossyMall clearly states on their website that they are not a networking platform but a platform that curates business news and updates, paying users for their contributions on the platform.

It is thus worthy to end with the answer to the question we have asked twice already. You can make money online by joining (JossyMall contents), the idea is very lucrative, and you can be sure to get paid without any glitch nor itch. Payment is majorly via paypal and bitcoin. Users in West-Africa can get a direct bank transfer payment. Join here:

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